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On Tue, 5 Jan 2021 at 19:28, Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>

> Em sáb., 2 de jan. de 2021 às 22:20, David Rush <kumoyuki at gmail.com>
> escreveu:
>> 4 - Where can I get the nice help templates used by Else/Cyclone &cet?
>>         Everything I've found online seems to be both massively out of
>> date
>>         and expects that you already know how to use it.
> As the one who worked on the help files of the two libraries you cited, I
> can say I don't really know :) haha...
> Ok, more seriously, I just did it based on stuff that was out there
> before. I guess you mentioned the pddp templates? See
> https://puredata.info/dev/pddp/DraftReferenceDesigns - is that what you
> are calling outdated?

well, the most recent date I find is for Template 11 in 2007. I do realize
that a Template 13 does exist, but I haven't been able to find the date for
it. Generally code that hasn't been touched for 13 years has suffered some
level of bit-rot. None of the templates make it very clear how to actually
go about customizing them. I've opened up a couple and there are a lot of
canvases with receive symbols, so it looks like perhaps one is meant to
send messages in order to get text into some of the fields. Other things
like some of the font manipulations and separator bars are also unclear.

Of course, my practice with PD is almost entirely about making things that
go "boop" and not pretty images, so maybe there is just a large gap in my
knowledge of the basic language primitives. It would be nice to have some
clearer idea of how to even get started with the templates though, because
I'm not sure that I really want to spend a month or more of my Copious Free
Time (tm) figuring out how to use a complex programming object to hold
documentation when I could bang our web pages in a day or three.

> Anyway Cyclone 0.2 had this template I'm not sure exactly where it came
> from, and I just made some variations on it. You can check PD-l2ork's help
> structure, I guess it came from there... see "all_about_help_patches.pd".

hmmm...kay. This is arguably a thing that needs some love though.

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