[PD-dev] building fluid~ on Linux (was: [PD] fluid~ for Pd-Vanilla - test version)

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 12:45:52 CET 2021

On Sat, 2021-01-09 at 12:28 +0100, Roman Haefeli wrote:

> The fluidsynth command utility loads and plays the example SF3-file I
> found fine. [fluid~] says it loaded it, but I get only silence when
> playing notes.

[fluid~] works with /usr/share/sounds/sf3/MuseScore_General_Lite.sf3
from the package musescore-general-soundfont-small. So the problems I
reported before are apparently not related not SF3 support. 

Sorry for the noise.

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