[PD-dev] building fluid~ on Linux (was: [PD] fluid~ for Pd-Vanilla - test version)

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Jan 9 19:13:53 CET 2021

Am 9. Jänner 2021 18:39:30 MEZ schrieb Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>:
> What feels sane for me is creating a new object, with a different name
> (fluidsynth~) and its own design that is cleaner and doesn't try to
> fix
> this compatibility issues, cause it's just a nightmare with no simple
> solution. I like the idea of making it more compatible to Pd Vanilla
> and
> take messages in a more straightforward way from its internals, and I
> could
> do that by having that as a default and just removing the "legacy"
> stuff.
> That would make it all much cleaner...
> Anyway, that's how I'm leaning now... what do you people think?

I think this is a good idea.

probably (if simple enough) you could (also) provide an abstraction that exposes the original API.

as for the ceamcc version: I think this really should have been avoided.


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