[PD-dev] Scheme-for-Pd, how to release beta versions, call for testers

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 22:19:07 CEST 2021

Hi folks, I'm only a few days away (I think!) from a first beta release for
Scheme-for-Pd, and am wondering what I'm supposed to do for releasing to
the early testers given I don't want to put it on Deken until it's had the
tires well kicked...

Things I need to sort  - answers or pointers to where to read both

Is it pretty common that people know how to build or should I prepare a
binary for OSX and Windows?

If so, how is that normally bundled up? I need people to have external, the
help patcher and also a set of scm files on their pd search path for it all
to work.

Is there anyone who would be interested in testing out building and
running, both from zipped up packages and cloning and building? There's a
pretty extensive help file, and everything in it should "just work". (haha,
we'll see about that!)

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