[PD-dev] s4pd help: portable uid-like thing in C?

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 18:50:26 CEST 2021

Hi folks, i'm wrestling away with the schedule functions for Scheme-for-Pd,
and I think I can make things a lot more reliable if I let every
instantiation (or restart) of the scheme interpreter have a uid of some
sort so that on a reset we can just ignore clocks running out on a previous
instance instead of trying to clean them all up with manual memory
management. (which approach is giving me segfaults because I'm screwing
something up)

Can anyone tell me what a smart way of getting a unique identifier would
be? It doesn't need to be unique across the world, just the local machine,
so something that was seeded from system time would be fine. I'm not a Real
C Programmer though, so am not clear what options will just work across all
OS's, without needing to add dependencies.

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