[PD-dev] plans for next Pd release

Miller Puckette msp at ucsd.edu
Tue Jul 13 19:22:17 CEST 2021

(re-send - I had sent to pd-dev at iem.at but that now seems to be defunct...)

To Pd dev -
I'm going to try to get the next Pd release (0.52) out over the next month
or two.  My personal priorities for this release would be putting in a message
backtrace mechanism (by overriding canvas_connect and pd_bind to go through
small proxy objects; this will have to be done at load time I think) and
to go back and try to figure out how to do tooltips without adding cruft to
the inlet structure.  (There's an ancient source-patch to provide tooltips
by Chris McCormichadn Guenter Geiger that I plan to start with -

Before doing that I want to do some reorganizing - in porting Pd to FreeRTOS
(so I can run it on an Espressif LyraT board, which I think takes only about
10 or 20% of the current that a Pi needs) I found out that I had to move
a few functions from one file to another.

This might break some PRs, so... first of all would be to identify whatever
PRs are ready to merge so I can do that before I make incompatible changes.
Of course "stable development branch" first... then Dan's soundfile updates...
then what?

PS more ideas of mine (among many):
hot-reloading externs via a message to Pd
use a "unix binding" socket between Pd and pd-gui instead of localhost
generalize number/symbol box to allow displaying entire messages or lists


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