[PD-dev] plans for next Pd release

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Thu Jul 15 11:57:32 CEST 2021

Hi Miller,

I'm very enthusiastic about the FreeRTOS port, this would open so many 
possibilities. I think FreeRTOS will run on the RPi too and possibly 
also on the Teensy.
For the tooltips, I would hope that the GUI vs. audio engine separation 
for libpd would be finalized so that alternative GUI frameworks can be 
contributed. Thinking of the endless discussions of fontsize and 
cross-platform rendering issues in Tk, maybe that effort is better 
invested in taking inspiration from PurrDatas SVG rendering. I think Pd 
would benefit from the ability to write custom GUIs ans ship them like 
abstractions. That would close the gap to webaudio too, which works 
already today via libpd and emscripten - just imagine the possibilities 
of a native browser friendly GUI on top of it.


On 13.07.21 19:22, Miller Puckette via Pd-dev wrote:
> (re-send - I had sent to pd-dev at iem.at but that now seems to be defunct...)
> To Pd dev -
> I'm going to try to get the next Pd release (0.52) out over the next month
> or two.  My personal priorities for this release would be putting in a message
> backtrace mechanism (by overriding canvas_connect and pd_bind to go through
> small proxy objects; this will have to be done at load time I think) and
> to go back and try to figure out how to do tooltips without adding cruft to
> the inlet structure.  (There's an ancient source-patch to provide tooltips
> by Chris McCormichadn Guenter Geiger that I plan to start with -
> https://sourceforge.net/p/pure-data/patches/264/).
> Before doing that I want to do some reorganizing - in porting Pd to FreeRTOS
> (so I can run it on an Espressif LyraT board, which I think takes only about
> 10 or 20% of the current that a Pi needs) I found out that I had to move
> a few functions from one file to another.
> This might break some PRs, so... first of all would be to identify whatever
> PRs are ready to merge so I can do that before I make incompatible changes.
> Of course "stable development branch" first... then Dan's soundfile updates...
> then what?
> PS more ideas of mine (among many):
> hot-reloading externs via a message to Pd
> use a "unix binding" socket between Pd and pd-gui instead of localhost
> generalize number/symbol box to allow displaying entire messages or lists
> cheers
> Miller
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