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Personally, as this affects fundamental objects, I would do both. As this can be a workflow issue, my thinking is:

* Assume vast majority of users & use cases want fixed behavior (or don't particularly care), so update objects to use new/fixed behavior by default.

* Add a compatibility flag for older projects which *rely* on older behavior for *all* instances of the objects.

* Add a creation argument to the objects for those cases where people rely on the old behavior for certain situations, but also want the newer behavior for most other instances.

* Document the old versus new behavior in a help-patch subpath with comparisons.

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> On 05.08.21 03:56, Miller Puckette via Pd-dev wrote:
>> I'm using that as rarely as I can, so far only for bug fixes.  I don't think
>> a limit on numerical accuracy is exactly a bug.  I think it's nicer to most
>> users not to have them have to bother with specifying a compatibility
>> version.
> Maybe make the numerical accuracy a settable variable with the current 
> depth as a default? (bonus: instant bitcrusher effect)

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