[PD-dev] -verbose vs logpost()

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Aug 25 17:19:11 CEST 2021

the other question that is tightly related to the "unifying loglevels" 
thread is, how to deal with "-verbose" resp "-noverbose".

currently the two concepts ("use of '-verbose'" vs "use of 
logpost()/verbose()") are obviously in the same realm but somewhat 

raising verbosity with "-verbose" will:
- (obviously) make Pd more chatty, regardless of loglevels.
   e.g. some errors will only printed (as errors!) is "-verbose" is given
- verbose() is coupled with "-verbose", as it will only ever print 
anything if the verbose level is not bigger than the number of 
"-verbose" flags present.
   e.g. "verbose(0)" (aka 'PD_DEBUG') will print if no "-verbose" is given
   but "verbose(1)" (aka 'PD_VERBOSE') will only print if the "-verbose" 
flag is present
   and "verbose(2)" will only print if Pd is invoked with 
double-verbosity "-verbose -verbose"

i actually think this is not a bad idea (barring the actual values, sede 
the other thread), as "-verbose" might generate a sufficient amount of 
traffic between Pd and Pd-GUI to choke the system. even if the output 
isn't displayed (as the user just uses loglevel "2 normal").

i wonder, whether we should use the "-verbose" flag, to also suppress 
logpost() messages.

there's two reasons:
- deprecate 'verbose()' in favour of 'logpost()' - so we only have to 
deal with a single beast
- better control about what is displayed in "-stderr" mode.
when running Pd with "-nogui" (or "-stderr"), the terminal is currently 
flooded with high-verbose messages (compared to the Pd-console). 
obviously this is a hyperbole and depends on the actual patch. i do find 
it annoying though

with the latter in mind, we might even use multiple "-noverbose" flags 
to lower the verbosity (at least of the stderr) below post() - so that 
only errors would be visible.


PS: i don't know whether there's a question in this mail. but the entire 
verbose-handling is a bit annoying and i would like to make it easier to 

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