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Mark Danks mdanks at
Wed Feb 25 19:58:11 CET 1998

William Kleinsasser wrote:
> I have noticed that the filter classes (lop~, hop~, bp~) all create
> audible glitches when the cf setting is changed while audio passes
> through.  Is this something that is fixable or are dynamically changing
> filters not possible yet?

  Unless Miller changed the behavior recently, this is a known problem. 
In MarkEx, there is an object called reson~, which is a resonantor which
accepts a signal for the freq.  You can get it at

for both NT and SGI.  The stuff at the bottom about not being included
is incorrect.

  From the Readme, the list of objects in MarkEx 0.70 is:

Control objects

alternate - alternate between two outlets
average - average a sequence of numbers
change - only output on change
counter - count bangs
invert - non-zero numbers to zero, zero to 1
oneshot - send a bang, then block until reset
randomF / randF - floating point random numbers
strcat - string concatentation

tripleLine - do a line with three numbers
tripleRand - random with three numbers
vector+ / v+ - add a scalar to a vector
vector- / v- - subtract a scalar from a vector
vector* / v* - multiply a vector by a scalar
vector/ / v/ - divide a vector by a scalar

abs~ - absolute value of a signal
reson~ - resonant filter

  Hope this helps.

Later, Mark

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