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Shigeru Kobayashi lp4s-kbys at
Thu Feb 26 14:07:18 CET 1998

Hello Mark,

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998 10:51:39 -0800
Mark Danks <mdanks at> wrote:

> GEM 0.73 is out for WinNT.  It will probably be a couple of days
> before the SGI version is ready.
> The new features:
>   3d text is supported.  Use your favorite True Type font.

I tried GEM 0.73 on Win95 OSR2. It looks working with no problem, and 3d
text is very cool :-)

By the way, distance parameter's behavior is something strange. Is
center value is zero ?

And I have one more question. Is this correct behavior ?

1) by default the value is zero
2) once changed to other value
3) then set it zero again
4) the result is not same as first

>   pix_video for NT is in a pre-alpha state...if anyone can get
> anything to appear, please let me know.  I'm making sure that video
> for windows actually works as advertised.

That will be much fun :-)


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