Miscelaneous questions

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Sat Feb 28 23:25:44 CET 1998

- The scope~ object is still under construction, I presume? I ask this
because it appears there is no way to specify the geometry.

- There is a "get" object but no corresponding "put" object for arrays -
should I code one, or is this array system going to change anyway?

- I load a sound-file into an array (I modified my copy of the "read"
message to do this, which also resizes the array to the size of the
sound-file). Now, how can I obtain the size of the array from within a
patch (so I can play it using tabread4~). Perhaps the better question is
whether array objects are really intended to be used for sound-files?

I realize that this software is still being constructed, so please don't
take any of the above as a criticism!

--  Larry Troxler --  lt at westnet.com  --  Patterson, NY USA  --

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