PD: d_ugens.c bug found?

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Tue Feb 3 03:07:55 CET 1998

It seems to me that the the signal_cleanup function should only be
free()'ing the signals on the usedlist, and  should not touch the
freelist. this is more or less the opposite of what Guenter has done for
the Linux/Alpha port.

Assuming no other file writes to the t_signal structures, than it looks
to me like a a t_signal is linked to the usedlist when a new one is
alloc()'d, and remains linked on this list even if it is put on the
freelist by signal_free(). Therefore all the t_signals that have been
allocated are on the usedlist. I suggest that the "usedlist" name is a
misnomer and be changed to something more like "allocatedList".

Anyhow, making this change definitely gets rid of the crashes caused by
free()'ing the same block twice. I don't think there's any memory leaks,
but I haven't done exhaustive testing. Hopefully, Miller, you can
confirm if this fix is correct.


--  Larry Troxler --  lt at westnet.com  --  Patterson, NY USA  --

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