problems running pd-0.20 under linux

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Mon Feb 9 13:33:35 CET 1998

Nicola Bernardini writes:
 > Hello everybody!
 > I am running pd on a linux laptop and a linux box both of which run
 > a 2.0.33 kernel. They have different audio setups but I always get a
 > few warnings, like "failed to open audio read port" 

 This is due tue the fact that SB's only support one directional
 sampling. Pd chooses to use the  write port and therefore fails for
the read port.
 > open MIDI ports" (even though, at least on the linux box, MIDI is up
 > and running on a SB16). Also, pd must be set suid if running as user
 > because otherwise there are a number of operations (like setting
 > scheduler priorities, etc.) which are not permitted. Anyway, no big
 > problems there (at least for the moment).

 Basically MIDI is known to work ..
 You are right, I did put in some rt scheduling stuff for Linux which can only
 be used under root. Otherwise it will just be ignored.

 > One thing that is not clear is the two environment variables TCL_LIBRARY
 > and TK_LIBRARY that are set upon exec'ing pd-gui. Are they for some

 > Aside from that, there are a few things I am not able to solve:
 > 1) If, for example, I call up pd, set the audio to ON, THEN open a patch
 >    like "cos~.pd" and run the oscillator, no audio happens; if I open
 >    the patch THEN turn the audio ON the audio works (this used to happen
 >    to 0.18 too)
 This, or similar cases are "known" bugs. I guess they are not high
 priority at the moment, but anybody solving this is welcome .. :)

 > 2) on 0.20 when I edit the patch and audio is ON, after *any* edit operation

 I can't reproduce this, but there have been two 0.20 versions, the
 first one had a bug.
 Probably we should come up with a 0.21 just for clearness. Miller ?



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