Major code cleanup needed?!?!

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Mon Feb 9 14:02:32 CET 1998

Larry Troxler writes:
 > - Compiling with -Wall on gcc/Linux results in many screen fulls of
 > warnings. Perhaps the #pragmas in gcc are a bit weak (to disable
 > specific warnings) and this is why -Wall isn't used by default?

 No, I just forgot to use any special warning flags, because the code 
 was easily portable and I had no problems with it.
 But for the future I think it would be ok to use some warning flags.
 I don't think that a major cleanup is needed. Running gcc with
 -Wall -Wno-unused will put out warnigs about 

 1) suggesting paranthesis for assignment used as truth value.

    Cleaning this up wouldn't be a major task and including this
    warnings are sometimes very useful.

 2) unhandled enumeration values in switch.
    Just add a default case 

 3) stdio formatting mismatches
  just a few

 > - There as some function prototypes patched directly into the C files
 > where the functions are called, as opposed to using an include-file. 

 I think this is ok for local functions 

 > - Some files (the Tk ones?) use the old K&R-style function definitions
 > and declarations!
 This is ugly in my opinion too.

 In my opionion it would be ok cleaning this up.



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