Major code cleanup needed?!?!

Larry Troxler lt at
Mon Feb 9 16:42:50 CET 1998

On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, Guenter Geiger wrote:

> Larry Troxler writes:
>  > - Compiling with -Wall on gcc/Linux results in many screen fulls of
>  > warnings. Perhaps the #pragmas in gcc are a bit weak (to disable
>  > specific warnings) and this is why -Wall isn't used by default?
>  > 
>  No, I just forgot to use any special warning flags, because the code 
>  was easily portable and I had no problems with it.
>  But for the future I think it would be ok to use some warning flags.
>  I don't think that a major cleanup is needed. Running gcc with
>  -Wall -Wno-unused will put out warnigs about 

Yes, now that I've spent more time with the code, I realize it's not as
bad as a lot of other Unix code I've seen. I think the problem is that
there are some conventions used in this project, that aren't immediately
obvious. I've taken the liberty of adding some more text to the src/notes
file, which will hopefully save others some frustation. So, Miller,
Guenter, let me know what I should do with my additions.

>  > - There as some function prototypes patched directly into the C files
>  > where the functions are called, as opposed to using an include-file. 
>  > 
>  I think this is ok for local functions 

But these prototypes aren't for local functions, they are for functions in
other modules. I see from src/notes, that this was actually intentional,
so I guess it's just a matter of varying preferences.


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