tables in Pd

Miller Puckette mpuckett at
Tue Feb 10 22:40:34 CET 1998

On Feb 7,  5:13pm, William Kleinsasser wrote:
> When trying to create a new array using the menu, I get an error:
> bad screen distance ".x1008a828.a10095220"
> and see no new array.  When I try to send messages to it (array2) I am
> told that it doesn't exist.  Also, moving the arrays around the screen
> is very slow.
> Is there a simple way to create and use envelope shapes like Hamming,
> Hanning, etc.?
> Thanks,
> Bill
>-- End of excerpt from William Kleinsasser

Ouch...  I never saw the error you're getting creating tables, the
"bad screen distance ".x1008a828.a10095220"

Does this happen if you make a new document and put an array into it or
is there more context I should reproduce?  Also, I forgot which kind of
machine you run on; perhaps there's a bizarre machine dependency lurking.

You can make Hanning/Hamming windows by blasting an oscillator right into
tabwrite~, although it's tricky setting the phase.  (you do it by taking
a snapshot~ of the phasor~ output and subtracting that number from phasor~'s
future output.  Not that tabread4~'s 4-point interpolation means that its
input should be between 1 and size-2.


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