problems running pd-0.20 under linux

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Wed Feb 11 14:43:03 CET 1998

Nicola Bernardini writes:
 > time). If this persist, I'll try harder. Does somebody know how to
 > trap processes dying with sigsegv with gdb? (no core is produced,
 > even with ulimit -c unlimited, and gdb says it cannot ptrace the
 > pd process...)

 I had no problem debugging pd with gdb. Be sure you have the right 
 paths to the source in gdb. ( assuming pd is compiled -g). Use Emacs.
 Most of the time gdb should be able to backtrace pd.
 After the segfault you can then easily examine your variables ...
 and look what went wrong.

 Get the new version of pd-0.20 at my site or wait until 0.21.


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