pd for linucppc?

johannes johannes.sienknecht at medien.uni-weimar.de
Tue Feb 10 02:04:08 CET 1998

hi, i'm new on the list. i'm a student of media design in weimar and
i'm working with pd in a projekt at the university called netzklang, 
where we're going to build a netspecific instrument, to communicate with 
sound over the net and to let the net talks itself soundfully.if anyone 
is interrested by this,and to develop and play with us, then send mail to
"netzklan at medien.uni-weimar.de".
my question in the subjekt means: has anyone experience with pd under 
ppclinux or knows what man have to do to run pd under linuxppc - what man 
have to change, and where man could find the information to do a work 
like that?

love 		johannes

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