getting pd to work in NT? or linux?

Larry Troxler lt at
Tue Mar 3 10:14:29 CET 1998

Charles Baker wrote:

> under Linux -
> well, no full duplex: the app complains that it can't stat /dev/dsp1 (hey, it's
> there, looks correct!),
>  the card  (actually, /dev/sndstat) reports that it *should * use /dev/dsp1 for
> record in full-duplex, which it says it supports.

The Linux port (s_linux.c) doesn't correctly support full-duplex, I
think. There's an ioctl you need to use first to enable it.

Since full-duplex isn't working, what happens is that the card gets
opened for output using /dev/dsp, then PD looks for an input card at
/dev/dsp1. Something like that. I can send you my version of s_linux.c
if you want, but I never tried to get the full duplex working myself.

> and, more important , since ver. 0.21, i get an immediate core dump. sigh.
> compilation seemed simple enough. ( no errors.) I have no problem with 0.20,
> other than no fullduplex, and no fft object..

0.21 is available for Linux? 

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