Burton Alexandre burtona at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Thu Mar 5 19:47:17 CET 1998

 hello linux pd-ers...

 i've been building and using pd on SGI's for a few weeks now, and i just
tried compiling it on my linux box. I tried to simply copy the
makefile.linux to Makefile, but it craps right away complaining about
"stubs.h". My linux experience and setup is quite new, and I indeed have
no /usr/include/gnu/stubs.h and was wondering it was part of what package
i should get... I'm based on slackware 2.0.27, upgraded to 2.0.33, 
running on i586/200.

 there is minimal info on the Linux port (which i don't mind) but i'm 
stuck even before starting!

 i guess someone here will be able to help me on this one!

 thanks a lot.

							Alex Burton.

 p.s. about how many pd-on-linux people out there?

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