pd-0.21 on linux...

Charles Baker baker at charlieb.com
Fri Mar 6 02:20:20 CET 1998

Finally got pd-0.21 to compile on my linux platform. Mea culpa....
I had installed 'egcs' , an experimental gcc 'improvement' (even higher
degrees of
 optimization than standard gcc available ...someone on the csound list
reported a major increase in speed in csound compiled with this
compiler)...the compiling went without hitch, and it reported linking
ok, but died when the egcs linked binaries tried to dynamically link in
libc . Which means,
before any pd code even got called. So I changed back to "cc" (a link to
the real gcc),and voi-la! (voi-ci?)  Like my mid-western buddy always
says: "like, weird, with a beard, man...."

Onwards into the OSS world, and hopefully, full duplex on linux .

Anybody else seen the problem I found on NT (dacs often die almost
immediately, but when they don't they function perfectly.)..I betcha
this has to do with the multiple soundcards I have on my system....I
will try the new args to specify card/midi under NT.  You know, it's
nice to have the source!


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