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Fri Mar 6 18:20:45 CET 1998

Charles Baker wrote:
> Miller/Gunther... is there *any*comprehensive object list? Can one be easily generated?
> Any new objects floating around amoung us "early adopters"?

Well, I'm not Miller or Guenter, but I think I can answer ;-)

  If you want to find what objects exist, you can do a grep for
class_new and class_addcreator.  This will give you all of the objects.

  Event though this will make a long e-mail, here is the list for
pd-0.21, GEM-0.73, and MarkEx-0.70.

Later, Mark

* pd-0.21 *

d_arithmetic.c:    plus_class "+~")
d_arithmetic.c:    minus_class "-~")
d_arithmetic.c:    times_class "*~")
d_arithmetic.c:    over_class "/~")
d_array.c:    tabwrite_tilde_class "tabwrite~")
d_array.c:    tabread4_tilde_class "tabread4~")
d_array.c:    tabsend_class "tabsend~")
d_array.c:    tabreceive_class "tabreceive~")
d_array.c:    tabread_class "tabread")
d_ctl.c:    sig_class "sig~")
d_ctl.c:    line_class "line~")
d_ctl.c:    snapshot_class "snapshot~")
d_dac.c:    dac_class "dac~")
d_dac.c:    adc_class "adc~")
d_delay.c:    sigdelwrite_class "delwrite~")
d_delay.c:    sigdelread_class "delread~")
d_delay.c:    sigvd_class "vd~")
d_fft.c:    sigfft_class "fft~")
d_fft.c:    sigifft_class "ifft~")
d_fft.c:    sigrfft_class "rfft~")
d_fft.c:    sigrifft_class "rifft~")
d_filter.c:    sigenv_class "env~")
d_filter.c:    sighip_class "hip~")
d_filter.c:    siglop_class "lop~")
d_filter.c:    sigbp_class "bp~")
d_filter.c:    sigbiquad_class "biquad~")
d_filter.c:    sigsamphold_class "samphold~")
d_global.c:    sigsend_class "send~")
d_global.c:    sigreceive_class "receive~")
d_global.c:    sigcatch_class "catch~")
d_global.c:    sigthrow_class "throw~")
d_math.c:    clip_class "clip~")
d_math.c:    sigrsqrt_class "rsqrt~")
d_math.c:    sigsqrt_class "sqrt~")
d_math.c:    sigwrap_class "wrap~")
d_misc.c:    print_class "print~")
d_misc.c:    scope_class "scope~")
d_osc.c:    phasor_class "phasor~")
d_osc.c:    cos_class "cos~")
d_osc.c:    sigvcf_class "vcf~")
d_osc.c:    noise_class "noise~")
d_ugen.c:    block_class "block~")
g_array.c:    array_class "array")
g_canvas.c:    canvas_class "canvas")
g_canvas.c:    subcanvas_class "pd")
g_data.c:    field_class "field")
g_graph.c:    graph_class "graph")
g_io.c:    vinlet_class "inlet")
g_io.c:    voutlet_class "outlet")
g_text.c:    text_class "text")
g_text.c:    message_class "message")
g_text.c:    messresponder_class "messresponder")
g_text.c:    gatom_class "gatom")
m_glob.c:    maxclass "max")
m_glob.c:    pdclass "pd")
m_obj.c:    inlet_class "inlet")
m_obj.c:    intinlet_class "inlet")
m_obj.c:    floatinlet_class "inlet")
m_obj.c:    symbolinlet_class "inlet")
m_pd.c:    bindlist_class "bindlist")
x_acoustics.c:    mtof_class "mtof")
x_acoustics.c:    ftom_class "ftom")
x_acoustics.c:    powtodb_class "powtodb")
x_acoustics.c:    rmstodb_class "rmstodb")
x_acoustics.c:    dbtopow_class "dbtopow")
x_acoustics.c:    dbtorms_class "dbtorms")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop1_plus_float_class "+")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop1_minus_float_class "-")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop1_times_float_class "*")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop1_div_float_class "/")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop2_ee_float_class "==")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop2_ne_float_class "!=")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop2_gt_float_class ">")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop2_lt_float_class "<")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop2_ge_float_class ">=")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop2_le_float_class "<=")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop3_ba_int_class "&")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop3_la_int_class "&&")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop3_bo_int_class "|")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop3_lo_int_class "||")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop3_pc_int_class "%")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop3_mod_int_class "mod")
x_arithmetic.c:    binop3_div_int_class "div")
x_arithmetic.c:    sin_class "sin")
x_arithmetic.c:    cos_class "cos")
x_arithmetic.c:    tan_class "tan")
x_arithmetic.c:    atan_class "atan")
x_arithmetic.c:    atan2_class "atan2")
x_arithmetic.c:    sqrt_class "sqrt")
x_arithmetic.c:    log_class "log")
x_arithmetic.c:    exp_class "exp")
x_arithmetic.c:    abs_class "abs")
x_connective.c:    pdint_class "int")
x_connective.c:    pdfloat_class "float")
x_connective.c:    send_class "send")
x_connective.c:    receive_class "receive")
x_connective.c:    sel1_class "select")
x_connective.c:    sel2_class "select")
x_connective.c:    route_class "route")
x_connective.c:    pack_class "pack")
x_connective.c:    unpack_class "unpack")
x_connective.c:    trigger_class "trigger")
x_connective.c:    spigot_class "spigot")
x_connective.c:    moses_class "moses")
x_data.c:    get_class "get")
x_interface.c:    print_class "print")
x_midi.c:    notein_class "notein")
x_midi.c:    ctlin_class "ctlin")
x_midi.c:    pgmin_class "pgmin")
x_midi.c:    bendin_class "bendin")
x_midi.c:    touchin_class "touchin")
x_midi.c:    polytouchin_class "polytouchin")
x_midi.c:    noteout_class "noteout")
x_midi.c:    ctlout_class "ctlout")
x_midi.c:    pgmout_class "pgmout")
x_midi.c:    bendout_class "bendout")
x_midi.c:    touchout_class "touchout")
x_midi.c:    polytouchout_class "polytouchout")
x_midi.c:    makenote_class "makenote")
x_midi.c:    stripnote_class "stripnote")
x_misc.c:    random_class "random")
x_misc.c:    loadbang_class "loadbang")
x_misc.c:    serial_class "serial")
x_net.c:    netsend_class "netsend")
x_net.c:    netreceive_class "netreceive")
x_time.c:    delay_class "delay")
x_time.c:    metro_class "metro")
x_time.c:    line_class "line")
x_time.c:    timer_class "timer")

d_global.c:    sigsend_new, gensym("s~")
d_global.c:    sigreceive_new, gensym("r~")
d_global.c:    sigcatch_new, gensym("s~")
d_global.c:    sigthrow_new, gensym("r~")
g_canvas.c:    subcanvas_new, gensym("page")
g_io.c:    vinlet_newsig, gensym("inlet~")
g_io.c:    voutlet_newsig, gensym("outlet~")
m_class.c:void t_newmethod newmethod, t_symbol *s, 
x_connective.c:    pdint_new2, gensym("i")
x_connective.c:    pdfloat_new2, gensym("f")
x_connective.c:    send_new, gensym("s")
x_connective.c:    receive_new, gensym("r")
x_connective.c:    select_new, gensym("select")
x_connective.c:    select_new, gensym("sel")
x_connective.c:    trigger_new, gensym("t")
x_time.c:    delay_new, gensym("del")

* GEM-0.73 *

camera - the "view" into the world
gemhead - the start of rendering chain
gemwin - the window manager
render_trigger - outputs a bang when the chain renders

alpha - enable/disable alpha blending
color - set the color with a vector
colorRGB - set the color with 3 discrete values
depth - enable/disable depth testing
rotate - rotate with an angle and vector
scale - scale with a vector
scaleXYZ - scale with 3 discrete values
separator - push the OpenGL state for the rest of the chain and pop when
translate - translate with a vector
translateXYZ - translate with 3 discrete values

circle - render a circle
cone - render a cone
cube - render a cube
curve - render a Bezier curve
imageVert - make pixel colors to a height field map
model - render an Alias|Wavefront model
multimodel - render a series of Alias|Wavefront models, render by number
polygon - render a polygon
sphere - render a sphere
square - render a square
text2d - render 2-D text (a bitmap)
text3d - render 3-D text (polygonal)
textoutline - render outlined text (polygonal)
triangle - render a triangle

light - make a point light
world_light - make a light at infinity

pix_2grey - convert rgb pixels to grey (still an RGBA image)
pix_alpha - set the alpha value of a pix
pix_add - add two pixes together
pix_bitmask - apply a bitmask to a pix
pix_buf - buffer a pix
pix_color - set the color of a pix (leaving alpha alone)
pix_composite - composite two pixes together
pix_convolve - convolve a pix with a kernal
pix_coordinate - set the texture coordinates
pix_draw - draw a pix
pix_flip - flip the pixels of a pix
pix_gain - apply a gain to a pix
pix_image - load in an image file
pix_invert - invert a pix
pix_mask - mask a pix based on another pix
pix_multiply - multiply two pixes
pix_multiimage - load in a series of image files, display by number
pix_resize - resize a pix to next power of 2
pix_snap - capture the render window into a pix
pix_subtract - subtract two pixes
pix_texture - use a pix as a texture map
pix_threshold - apply a threshold to a pix
pix_zoom - zoom into a pix (using OpenGL)

SGI and NT only
pix_video - use a video camera as a pix source

* MarkEx-0.70 *

Control objects 

alternate - alternate between two outlets
average - average a sequence of numbers
change - only output on change
counter - count bangs
invert - non-zero numbers to zero, zero to 1
oneshot - send a bang, then block until reset
randomF / randF - floating point random numbers
strcat - string concatentation


tripleLine - do a line with three numbers
tripleRand - random with three numbers
vector+ / v+ - add a scalar to a vector
vector- / v- - subtract a scalar from a vector
vector* / v* - multiply a vector by a scalar
vector/ / v/ - divide a vector by a scalar


abs~ - absolute value of a signal
reson~ - resonant filte

Later, Mark

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