sound cards

charlie at charlie at
Sat Mar 7 09:54:57 CET 1998

Hi Everyone,

This isn't a pd question, but I thought I'd poll your experience because 
someone here has probably had to make this decision.  I am looking for a 
'recording studio quality' sound card for a PC.  

Here are the basic specs I'm looking for:

1) Full-duplex stereo audio IO at 44.1 kHz / 16-bit.  Read as: record 
and playback audio at the same time, both at cd-quality.  The key phrase 
here is 'same time'.  At the moment I have a Sound Blaster AWE 64 Value 
Card; this card seems to be capable of recording at cd-quality OR doing 
playback at cd-quality, but not both simultaneously.  At least I haven't 
been successful in getting this to work.  

2) Has DirectX 5 drivers.

3) Works under 95 and NT.

Optional (this would be ideal):
4) Has Midi IO ports built-in

Help is appreciated and apologies in advance if anyone is upset that this is 


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