pd 0.22 for IRIX and NT

Charlie Kilpatrick ckilpatrick at wesleyan.edu
Mon Mar 9 22:44:15 CET 1998

Hi Miller,

I've gotten pd to work on my NT box now.  It turns out I just needed new
sound card drivers for my soundblaster card.  Didn't immediately suspect
this because it's a new computer and I had a feeling the latest drivers
would be what was shipped.  Looks like I thought wrong. =)  By the by, I
discovered in the course of this that the new soundblaster drivers support
full-duplex at 'CD-quality', whilst the old drivers don't necessarily.
ckilpatrick at wesleyan.edu || charlie at joe.surf.com

At 11:06 AM 3/9/98 -0800, Miller Puckette wrote:
>Hi All,
>I've put pd-0.22 for IRIX and NT on crca-ftp.ucsd.edu in pub/msp.  Mostly I
>just fixed bugs.  I haven't yet managed to do anything more for people's
>sound-card and MIDI woes on NT and W95 however, and plan this week to try to
>sort out the 10 or so different trouble reports I've seen on this list!

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