Ideas for future features

Larry Troxler lt at
Tue Mar 10 03:43:15 CET 1998

There are a few things, that I thought wouldn't be too difficult to
implement, and thought I would post them now, to get opinions as to
whether these would 
a) fit with the philosiophy of pd
b) Have been done in the Mac version
c) Break soon if I coded them, due to new versions of PD.
d) Are better done other ways

Here we go:

1) Could/should there be an object that transmits a bang when an
abstraction is loaded. THis would  be to trigger initialization, such as
loading files into arrays, etc. Presumably, there would be a similar
object which bangs when the file is closed.

2) How does IRCAM and/or Opcode Max do score files, if they do? I was
thinking, something that would probably be easy to implement and use,
and at the same time very powerful, would be simply to add something to
the message syntax which delays a given number of milliseconds before
executing the next line in the message script. For example:

foo 1 2 3
delay  20
foo 3 2 3
delay 100
bar 0.1

... would send appropriately timed messages to the receivers "foo" and

Presumably there would be a mechanism to both read such a "score" from a

3) Well, there _was_ a third idea but it escapes me right now.


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