Watchdog for POSIX RT (Linux)?

Miller Puckette mpuckett at
Wed Mar 11 00:50:30 CET 1998

Larry's idea sounds good.  On SGIs I was planning to set a virtual alarm and
measure whether the CPU had eaten more than 90% of the processor, in which
case it would automatically sleep for 10 msec every 100 msec or so.  But
I don't know how this will work out under NT.  The good thing is it doesn't
use threads at all so should be easy to port among unixes at least, if we're
given that ALARM signals can reach high-priority processes.   Is that true
of Linux???

On another matter, I think "duplicate" should indeed do something smarter,
and also the command-1, etc, menu items, which should (perhaps) place the
new object directly under the most recently created one, and, if you
use the shift key, make a connection to it as well (sprouting an inlet for
the purpose.)  But I'm hoping to be able to stall the "comfort issue" another
month so I can try out a solution for data structures first..


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