Makeing connections with mouse is awkward!

Larry Troxler lt at
Wed Mar 11 01:43:38 CET 1998

Does anyone else find that it is painfully slow to patch to gether
object with PD, since you have to aim the mouse in to small areas?

It would be so nice if there were a way to distinguish between
object-selection actions and connection-actions, other than requiring
the mouse to be actually directly over a connection to determine the
mode (it takes a long time to place the mouse like this!).

My disadvantage once again, is that I'm in complete ignorance as to how
the Opcode Max handles this problem.

But, just an idea - why not do something where dragging with button 1,
selects and area, and dragging with button 2 makes a connection to the
nearest outlet and inlet at the beginning and end of the drag,


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