Watchdog for POSIX RT (Linux)?

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at
Thu Mar 12 12:39:09 CET 1998

Larry Troxler writes:
 > Miller Puckette wrote:
 > > 
 > > Larry's idea sounds good.  On SGIs I was planning to set a virtual alarm and
 > > measure whether the CPU had eaten more than 90% of the processor, in which
 > > case it would automatically sleep for 10 msec every 100 msec or so.  But
 > > I don't know how this will work out under NT.  The good thing is it doesn't
 > > use threads at all so should be easy to port among unixes at least, if we're
 > > given that ALARM signals can reach high-priority processes.   Is that true
 > > of Linux???
 > > 
I think much more simpler would be do to the own watchdogging:

- the point is if pd has a higher priority than pd-gui then you can
use pd-gui to do the setting of a flag and pd to watching this, so

- if pd sees pd-gui "out of sync" then he reduces the calculationpower
by maybe:

 - first reducing sending TCL/Tk stuff and as a 
 - second thing dropping schedules slices (DACs slips)... and as a
 - third stopping pd-process.

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