bugs or features - inlet/outlet order

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.mhsg.ac.at
Thu Mar 12 21:57:46 CET 1998

if a abstractions:

#N canvas 0 0 302 243 8;
#X obj 103 52 inlet~;
#X obj 166 54 inlet;
#X obj 42 155 outlet~;
#X obj 158 147 outlet;
#X connect 1 0 3 0;
#X connect 2 0 4 0;

 inlet~  inlet 
   |       |
 outlet~ outlet

is loaded then in the main patch, inlet is the left input and inlet~
the right one, that means message inlets always first...the same with

in max the order is the how inlets are placed in abstracions,
so is this the expected way to do abstraction or a bug ?


if you accidently make a bang object, instead of a bang
message then pd "segmentation fault"s on sgis and linux... so the
symbol bang is identified as object, which isnt one:

		  Consistency check failed: canvas_setargs

		  Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
		  0xfa3a510 in memmove ()

		  winfried ritsch

PS.:i got a much better performance under my P100-Notebook under
linux, than on a 166 Pentium-Computer under W95, I think the Tk/Tcl is
much slower on W95 ?


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