Abstraction woes

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Thu Mar 19 02:21:11 CET 1998

Mark Danks wrote:
>   I can think of a couple of ways.  One, you can use the traditional
> "counter" trick with a '+ 1' object looped back onto itself with an
> int.  Or, you can use the counter object in MarkEx.  With the trick
> above, it should work fine.
> Later, Mark

Probably my problem wasn't stated clearly. From a quick look at your
counter, it appears as though it is a counter that increments once per
bang. However, what I was looking for is something that will in one
shot, send out a range of numbers, something like a "for" loop in C.

The use for this would be, for example, to set up values in arrays.


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