Abstraction woes

Mark Danks mdanks at smtp.xaostools.com
Thu Mar 19 02:04:40 CET 1998

You can still use a counter, just send a bunch of bangs at once.

  Or, a more complex thing...

  Use line.  Make sure that the resolution is enough to hit each int. 
Run the output of the line into an int box (to truncate it).  Send the
output of the int box into change.  A bit more complex, but should do

  However, it would be trivial to write this object.  I'll try to do it
tonight.  It will have a start point, an end point, and an increment. 
Every time you send it a bang, it will send out a whole slew of numbers.

  Is there an object like this in Opcode Max?  If so, I'll use the same

Later, Mark

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