symbols versus strings ? or no strings

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at
Fri Mar 20 13:39:54 CET 1998

Looking at the source and ... writing externals, I have following

is there a concept of a "string" as an atom ?

in max, there is a fts_String there are among other the arg types:

     argument must be of type FTS_SYM, initialized with fts_set_symbol 
     argument must be of type FTS_STRING, initialized with fts_set_string 

...)[The FTS Message System Programmer Guide]

in pd I see nothing simular. How is this handled in pd ?

- I would prefer to throw the concept of strings, because they
always got mixed up with symbols when routing etc... and there is no
need for differentiate this, exept symbols has to be stored in symbol
tables (hash tables), but anyway if text element appears I can handle
them like strings in my objects.

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