PD <-> Common Music interface?

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104nfs.UCSD.EDU
Mon Mar 23 19:51:39 CET 1998

I would definitely write objects in CM to talk to the netreceive and
netsend objects in PD.  This would also have the advantage of talking
with anything _else_ that talked the same protocol.

By the way,
the current implementation of netsend() unfortunately blocks when sent a
"Connect" request; Harry Castle has sent me some code which should improve
its behavior which I hope to incorporate soon.

One of my background projects is to see if the netreceive/netsend
paradigm can replace MIDI as a real-time communication standard for
studio and stage.  Imagine a keyboard with an ethernet connection which
sends out messages like "key 60 64;" ...

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