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Horacio A. Lapidus hlapidus at
Sat Apr 11 01:38:54 CEST 1998

Hi Mark
When I say that Pd doesn't run for very long, I mean that it runs for less
than half a second, so I can't read anything.
But, when I load tcl (wish80, console), and I request "load pd.exe", I get
"couldn't find Pd_init".
Is it something wrong with my TCP/IP

Thank you again.

hlapidus at
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>When you say that Pd doesn't run for very long, do you get a memory
>error and a dialog box?
>  If so, there is a likely suspect...
>  The current version of Pd (0.22) has a bug if you don't have a full
>duplex sound card.  You need to specify -dac, -adc, or -nosound at the
>command line.  This should be fixed in the next release.
>Later, Mark
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