Tim Boykett tim at
Wed Jun 3 16:29:14 CEST 1998

Dear Pure datums,

Maybe I'm too dumb, but I am not getting _any_ success
whatsoever with compiling on a Linux box.

It seems that the makefile.dependencies hates me, the
gcc-lib/i486-linux/ is hardwired, I have
only So either new kernel, or what? Is
the patch number that important?

It also seems that there are a lot of includes
that I just do not possess,
and more. Where can I find these?

I have also in a flight of bravery (yeah, okay, stoopidity)
installed the newest (alpha) release of Tcl/Tk,
am I setting myself up for more trouble? I didn't realise
until I had downloaded the whole 5 meg compressed.
BTW the tests didn't work, is this usual??? :-)

Feeling completely brave I installed in a Win95 machine
too, PD worked but GEM will not start, attempting to
start with
c:/Programme/blah/pd -lib /Programme/blah/gem/Gem
and all other possible variations leads to
pd: /Programme/blah/gem/Gem.dll: couldn't load

Any ideas? I'm a big Max user, and I would like to
try to move over to PD/Gem so as to be able to
look at the details (via linux) and to use the
machines here for something useful. I'd like to get
this to work.

I hope someone can enlightenme soon,



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