Gem and Linux

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Thu Jun 4 11:05:28 CEST 1998

Tim Boykett writes:
 > Hello PD/Gemmers,
 > Well, I managed to lie, cheat and steal my way into
 > having a functional PD under Linux, although I should have
 > checked the archives earlier, there was a secret there
 > that I didn't need, but may have saved me considerable
 > pain.

 ??? Can you please be more specific about that.
 Compiling pd hasn't been a problem for me, since I know what's going
 on there. Therefore eventually I don't see problems where "normal"
 users see them. Probably your secret should not be kept hidden in the
 archives !! 

 > It's several hours later, and I have a Gem that will
 > not get past a certain point. I am compiling the
 > 74 version, the latest one with an explicit linux
 > version on Guenther's site. 

 Ok, I knew people will have problems compiling Gem. 
 First of all get gem_0.75-1.tar.gz from <>.
 I changed the naming for gem a little bit, and didn't tell anybody
 (Although the link in my homepage is correct).

 Don't spend too much time with it. Just do a "configure" and "make"
 and send me what went wrong, if so(Output of configure and Compiler output) 



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