R: 0.23 BETA is available

Alessandro Fogar foggy at wavenet.it
Thu Jun 11 20:28:47 CEST 1998

I have run into the same problem.  Please Mark, set up a mirror site to PD
on your Web page.

Many thanks.

Alessandro Fogar

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Data: giovedì 11 giugno 1998 18.15
Oggetto: RE: 0.23 BETA is available

>  I have run into the same problem.  I have changed companies recently,
>and our new system doesn't send an ident (or something).  I think that
>the CRCA ftp server is looking for this.  The only solution that I have
>so far is to telnet to another box with looser ftp access and get the
>software through there.
>  If a lot of people are having this problem, then I can set up a mirror
>to pd on my web page.
>Later, Mark
>-- Mark Danks
>-- mdanks at stormfront.com
>-- http://cybermed.ucsd.edu/mdanks
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>> Sent: Thursday, June 11, 1998 8:54 AM
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>> Subject: Re: 0.23 BETA is available
>> I've tried to access the UCSD ftp site several times in the past few
>> days
>> to download the new version of Pd with out luck.  I keep on getting
>> time
>> outs from several ftp clients. Here is the address I am trying to
>> access
>> crca-ftp.ucsd.edu/pub/msp/
>> Shamus McConney

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