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Shamus Jary Mcconney mcconney at nwe.ufl.edu
Sat Jun 13 15:45:14 CEST 1998

> just learned that the indy's line/mic ins and line/phones outs can be
> accessed independently / simultaneously, so that there are 4 ins and 4
> outs. is there a way to use that feature from pd?
How about a general feature to support more that 2 ins and outs.  Our O2
w/ pro audio card has 8 ch or i/o via lite pipe.  We haven't invested in a
litepipe to ang. or ang. to litepipe interface yet,  but a feature like
this would make it worth while.  And there is always those running NT that
have a plether of audio card options.

Shamus McConney

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