hello, ... fiddle on pd.23 a, down~ ?

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.mhsg.ac.at
Thu Jun 25 11:54:38 CEST 1998

- hello:

pd-list was down until monday because our mailserver was blocked (new
security issues we didnt know about ...) ... but now, hopefully, is
working again. So please if anyone has problems with pd-list or so
mail to me (ritsch at iem.mhsg.ac.at)...

- fiddle.0.8 on pd 0.23:

(tested only for linux, because I have no windoof-compiler)

I got fiddle working on pd (mainly had to get rid of A_INT and ....).
and a crash if secnond arg was not specified...
I am sorry removed all the max... stuff, but will add it later...


(also a zerocross-frequency dectector (less cost) is there)

- down~:

to use fiddle efficiently (freq solution) there should be a
down~sampling object somewhere, is it possible to to such a object by
just recducing vector size or is pd handling it different ?

mfg winfried

PS.: ANNOUNCEMENT: 1st PD- and LINUX- installation-party on firday
27June 20h in "Wilder Mann" Zi7, Jakoministr.3-5, 8010 GRAZ, AUSTRIA

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