new MarkEx and GEM

Mark Danks mdanks at
Wed Sep 16 00:17:18 CEST 1998

  There are new versions of MarkEx and GEM out.  Only the WinNT version
is out right now, hopefully the SGI version will follow soon.  Both
MarkEx and GEM under now under the Gnu Public License.

  You can get them from my new web site:

  Gem 0.77 adds support for the SpaceOrb (a 6DoF ball) and various bug
fixes.  There are also new objects like ortho and accumrotate.  It also
supports Voodoo and Voodoo2 graphics cards!  Read the FAQ to get all of
the information.

  MarkEx 0.22 fixes a bunch of bugs (average is completely broken in

  Please let me know if you find any bugs or problems.

Later, Mark

-- Mark Danks
-- mdanks at

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