strange probelems starting pd

Shamus Jary Mcconney mcconney at
Fri Oct 2 00:34:28 CEST 1998

> i installed pd on my notebook (linux)
> it worked fine.
> but now i've an error like this:
> Pd version 0.23 
> compiled Tue Sep 29 23:05:22 WEST 1998 
> port 5400 Waiting for connection request..  
> TCL_LIBRARY=/usr/tcl/library TK_LIBRARY=/usr/tk/library /usr/bin/pd-gui 5400 
> connecting stream socket:Connection timed out (110)
I think I got the same message when I first installed Pd on our SGI O2.  I
asked Miller and he said it had to do with the fact that Pd has a problem
with search paths and he is working on it.  The solution it the use the
full path for the executable in your alias, something like
" alias pd '/usr/local/pd/bin/pd' ".  I think what happens is that the
audio processing part of Pd can not find the window managers, tcl and tk,
and the gui with out a compleate path specification.

Shamus McConney

mcconney at

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