Need help starting GEM on Win 95

Stephen J. Parise step808 at
Sun Oct 11 17:51:03 CEST 1998

My system: Pentium 150, 32 MB of RAM, AWE 64 Gold.  Please tell me if
this setup is too slow.

 PD by itself is slow but it runs.  From what I understand, to start GEM

I click on the Start Menu, Run, and type:
    D:\pd\bin\pd -lib /pd/gem/GEM

or create a shortcut and type the same in the Start In value.

 The location of the startup files in my system are:



 What happens is that only the MSDOS window will appear for a split
second then close.  Is there a trick to specify the drive the library is

on?  Other comands I tried:

    D:\pd\bin\pd -dac -lib /pd/gem/GEM
    D:\pd\bin\pd -nosound -lib /pd/gem/GEM
    D:\pd\bin\pd -adc -lib /pd/gem/GEM
    D:\pd\bin\pd -lib D:/pd/gem/GEM
    D:\pd\bin\pd -lib D:\pd/gem/GEM

 I tried moving everything (PD and GEM files) to the C Drive.  The
command line:
would work for PD, but not:
    \pd\bin\pd -lib /pd/gem/GEM

 What am I missing, please stop me from shopping for a G3.



Stephen J. Parise
step808 at

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