Getting MIDI to work with PD

Soeren Bovbjerg bovbjerg at
Wed Oct 14 18:09:08 CEST 1998

I have tried to recompile the kernel with Soundblaster only - i still won't work.
I must have made an error somewhere... I think I will reinstall Linux (well it only takes about half an hour).... Or upgrade the kernel.

Is PD correctly installed ??

I unpack the source
make -f makefile.linux
make -f makefile.linux install

...and type pd


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>Actually, I have never tried PD with more than one MIDI interface .... 
>Probably there is a problem with the Roland MPU, because with Soundblaster it is known to work.
>Have you tried it with Soundblaster only, or switching the two devices, so the Soundblaster is on the first and
>the Roland MPU on the second MIDI device ?

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