Getting MIDI to work with PD

Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at
Thu Oct 15 02:33:02 CEST 1998

Actually, I have never tried PD with more than one MIDI interface .... 
Probably there is a problem with the Roland MPU, because with Soundblaster it is known to work.
Have you tried it with Soundblaster only, or switching the two devices, so the Soundblaster is on the first and
the Roland MPU on the second MIDI device ?


From:  Soeren Bovbjerg[SMTP:bovbjerg at]
Sent:  Wednesday, October 14, 1998 3:23 AM
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Subject:  Getting MIDI to work with PD


I am having a problem getting PD (linux) to work with MIDI (both in anf out). I have a MPU-401 card and a Sound Blaster 16, which are both compiled into the kernel - and works fine.

My setup is:

midi00=Roland MPU-401
midi01=Sound Blaster 16 MPU-401

Both these interfaces work fine when typing e.g.

playmidi midifile.mid -e -D0 (or -D1)

and they are both detected by PD when it runs, but when running the testfile '' (or any other file with MIDI objects) nothing happens. DSP works fine though.

What can I do?

Soeren Bovbjerg

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