Pd and Win 95

Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at psp-vie.be.philips.com
Thu Oct 15 22:00:24 CEST 1998

You should be able to do a few oscillators with the machine, so sampling et. al. should work.
(My estimation is at least  20 oscillators).

The easiest fix will probably be to increase the audiobuffer size (hope this works on W95).
Switching to Linux is always a good idea, but that is my personal and very subjective view :).
(But be warned audio setup will be  lot harder for Linux, especially for notebooks) 

The difference between W95 and NT is not known to me ..


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Hi list,

I was able to start Pd on my notebook (P5 133 MMX/32MB) on which Win 95 OSR
2 is installed. The built-in soundcard is a ESS 1878, additionally I have a
Emu 8710 PC-card soundcard, that is more or less a different package for a
AWE 32. Pd does not work with internal soundcard, only with the Emu, but the
performance is bad. As soon as I move the cursor around, the sound is
getting interupted. When I switch of the input, things are getting a little
bit better.
So, my question is, would a switch to Linux improve the situation or is the
machine underpowered anyway? Or would upgrading system memory and a switch
to Windows NT be better?.

Thanks in advance for all help/comments etc.


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