R: Pd and Win 95

Alessandro Fogar foggy at wavenet.it
Fri Oct 16 19:37:22 CEST 1998

I did have success sending data from a Win95 application over a network
connection to PD running under NT.

So I think that you should have no problems about connecting PD and Max.

In the worst case you could develop an external for Max...


Alessandro Fogar

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Data: venerdì 16 ottobre 1998 8.15
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>> ... pd on my intel box
>and MSP on my powerPC. Assuming they are ethernet connected, is there *any*
>possibility for
>message, if not data sharing ? Of course, there's always MIDI, and analog
>Well, I'd love to see someone in the Opcode Max world get netsend and
>netreceive running in Max... that would get messages back and forth, but
>audio.  There are also "w" and "wc" objects in Opcode Max which I've never
>tried but which might be compatible with netsend and netreceive already,
>although I don't know.

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