Pd and Win 95

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.mhsg.ac.at
Mon Oct 19 13:36:57 CEST 1998

Junger Joerg writes:
 > Hi list,
 > I was able to start Pd on my notebook (P5 133 MMX/32MB) on which Win 95 OSR
 > 2 is installed. The built-in soundcard is a ESS 1878, additionally I have a
 > Emu 8710 PC-card soundcard, that is more or less a different package for a
 > AWE 32. Pd does not work with internal soundcard, only with the Emu, but the
 > performance is bad. As soon as I move the cursor around, the sound is
 > getting interupted. When I switch of the input, things are getting a little
 > bit better.
 > So, my question is, would a switch to Linux improve the situation or is the
 > machine underpowered anyway? Or would upgrading system memory and a switch
 > to Windows NT be better?.

I have pd running on my Notebook 100MHz Pentium under linux and it
works fine if you adjust the priorities. (set suid)

There is a long response time because of the needed big audio buffers
running kernel 2.0.34 but if reduce the scheduler intervall to 1ms
(instead of 10ms) in the kernel (compile it) then I got down to 30ms

Never tried it with nt...

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