ANNOUNCMENT pd-0.23-4 and gem-0.77-1

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Sun Oct 18 21:33:40 CEST 1998

Hi there !

I have uploaded to new versions of Pd and Gem to the IEM


Additionally these versions can be found on every Debian server
and will release together with Debian 2.1, scheduled for late November
but more likely to be released somewhere in December (At least in this
regard Debian has similarities to other famous OS's :P).

See <>

I made an rpm package of pd and I would appreciate it , 
if someone would test it. (GLIBC version !!!)

What's new ?

- pd now comes with the bonk external and (again) fixed MIDI code, which 
was broken in version 0.23-3.

- Gem includes all the nice additional features of 0.77, except I
couldn't find the time to test them.

What's missing ?

- pd comes without fiddle, because of (again :() .... licensing
problems. But I'm planning to make a seperate fiddle package.
anyhow fiddle is easily compilable as external (See makefile.linux
in the external directory)

- a Gem rpm package. I just can't do it on my Debian system.



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