rpm of pd.23-4

Charles Baker baker at charlieb.com
Tue Oct 20 21:43:00 CEST 1998

Guenter (et al),

Tried the rpm on my Linux RedHat 5.1 /OSS  system...it will not
 the error - a failed dependancy on libtcl/tk 8.0.. is strange, because
I know I have them...SO..
it's gotta be the path to the lib in the rpm? I really don't know how
file system layout vary between Linux distributions.
Whatever,the src compiled ok, but when I try to send MIDI , it dies,
without report.. All audio seems fine.
I will investigate...could it be ny new window manger  (kde) somehow? pd
finds /dev/midi ok..
I compiled pd with the standard linux driver code (s_linux.c), not the
ALSA driver.
What ever,  sometime soon I will compile -g  and step into pd & see what
I see.


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